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Finally! A store update! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

Hello! Nice to meet you! Since you're answering some asks. You mentioned working at an eikaiwa with a wig. Is that ok? Honestly I love having my hair dyed but always worry if I'll get a job, so I've just let my brown grow out. :S Is it possible to have dyed hair as long as you have a wig? Is the company ok with it? Or do you even tell them? hee hee :) Thanks for your time.

I told them because I figured they’d be cool with it, I mean they didn’t even realise until I told them. People that don’t wear wigs can’t recognise that someone’s wearing one.

your hair is so cute oh my god!!! what dye/dyes does your hair dresser use for the pink? it looks so vibrant and nice aaahh!

This time my hairdresser used Ancels (エンシェールズ). It’s a Japanese brand and it’s kinda expensive. When I re-dye myself I use a mix of conditioner, Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink and Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy looks awesome on the bottle but that stuff alone will never stick to your hair unless you’re super pale blonde…

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What kind of work do you do? Isn't it hard to find work if your hair is dyed and cut like that?

I work at one of the big Eikaiwas. And yes, I’m pretty sure it would be impossible for me to be employed with this hair so I wear a cheapass wig ^_−☆

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How long have you been living in Tokyo and how did you learn Japanese? I'm currently trying to learn to speak/write in the language and it'd be great if you could give me tips. Thank you if you answer this! :)

I’ve been living here for 5 months but this is my 5th time here because Japan is really cheap and easy to get to from Australia.

It’s kind of hard to know what advice to give without knowing your level, but assuming you’re a beginner, I guess just make sure you have a good textbook with English instructions! I also found katakana really confusing when I was first learning, mainly because the default font that the books use makes the difference between ソand ン, シ and ツ pretty minimal (as you can see here). Maybe Google it to see how it’s handwritten?

Are you studying in Japan?

No, I wish! (-̩̩-̩̩͡_-̩̩-̩̩͡)

I don’t have that kind of money so I live here like a normal person, working my butt off and spending all my free time shopping heh.

Re cut***

It’s a pun …. …… ………..

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Got my hair re-cute-d ♪(v^_^)


I ordered not long ago some cute things from Puccho’s Pieces, and all I gotta say is that I was super pleased with everything. 

Sophie (the owner) was so sweet and the communication was super nice, and it’s all thanks to her I was able to get those lovely babies from her.

In her shop, she sells second-hand clothing, accessories, but also really cute UFO catchers toys from Japan (such as the Pitanko cat you can see in the first picture).

The shipping was super reasonable and prompt, and I had really nothing to worry about (plus, it’s Japan post, and let’s face it, it’s probably one of the best postal service in the world). The first order I did did not take even a week to arrive to my house, and the second one was a week and half. 

The first order was these cute pins from Dreamy Mel Mel

Everything was also super well wrapped and protected, like, there’s no chance for something to happen to it.

If you like japanese toys and fashion, it’s definitly a keep to add to your storenvy watchlist!

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